There are no parking meters in Thailand. Anywhere.

Parking_meterThis is one of the many wonderful little things  I love about living in Thailand.  No parking meters.  No Meter Maids.  If I bring this up in a conversation with some of Thai friends, they just laugh.  They ask, Why would Americans put up with this?

What is the purpose of a parking meter?  Is it to regulate traffic and keep it moving smoothly?  No. A big Hell No. That’s what they have the nerve to tell us.  It is designed for local governments to extract money from the public.  It is a very sad thing that Americans have grown so accustomed to this confiscation of their funds for simply parking their car on the street.  And if you get a penalty confiscation (aka, ticket), it is considered that the fault for that is with the citizen for not giving enough money to the state via the meter to be allowed to park.  What a crock.

Back in 2010, an Iowa lady was arrested and jailed for putting money into expired parking meters of other people to avoid them from getting the “penalty”.

The parking authorities of US towns and counties have become massive income bureaucracies.  Not long ago, it was that reported that some California meter maids were earning in excess of a $100,000 per year plus enormous sums for retirement and medical benefits.

The whole system is a crock and indicative of the mindset of America v. the mindset of people elsewhere.

The city “fathers” (that’s a crock too) around the country have kept raising the parking rates so high that meters are now starting to accept credit cards.  In some cities where they are absolutely nuts in regard to parking, cars and citizen rights (a good example would be my old home town of San Francisco), parking rates at a meter can be as high as $1 for 15 minutes!  And the penalties for not giving them enough money at the meter can be as high $60.

The parking meter provides no service to the people.  Zero.  It simply takes.  It gives nothing.

An older generation of Americans would have formed a militia and eliminated the tyranny of parking meters on one full moon night.

Incidentally, after doing a search for Taxi Meter Suppliers, I see that most Parking Meters  are manufactured in China and there are even a few made in Thailand.  I cannot find any made in the US.

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5 thoughts on “There are no parking meters in Thailand. Anywhere.

  1. It is exactly the same here in Aus.
    The other week I had to park my car right in front of the council building to inside and pay them 1,200.00 in council rate fees for our home. And I thought” How stupid I have to put money into this meter so I can go in and pay the same people who placed the meter in front of their office” Pay money so I can pay therm. Its not sovereign and its upside down thinking. No logic, no honesty. no service. Just intimidation

  2. I thought you live in chiangmai. Have you ever been to suan dok hospital? There are no parking meters but the local (police/government)mafia will let you pay 20 thb to park along the road.

    • Yea, I gotta admit that ain’t much better. Thailand has it’s scoundrels in uniform for sure, but it seems like the US has ‘em in every corner of the country.

  3. In downtown Lampang there’s an area where the city charges five Baht to park at the curb. They don’t have parking meters. The money is collected by a city worker who provides an official pre-printed receipt with details written in by hand by the worker.

    I think it’s a matter of time until the politicians realize they can replace these workers with a meter. Aren’t politicians everywhere on the lookout for ways to get money they can spend?

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