Thailand’s Lucky Number 9

Number 9 in Thai

Number 9 in Thai

When you buy that Lotto Ticket or get in line for a football game, you should think about your lucky number….

Are Thai people superstitious?  To say yes would be an understatement.  Thai superstitions are part of everyday life in Thailand, and to me it is another thing that makes Thailand enduring.    Odd numbers in Thailand are luckier than even numbers.  The number 3 (som) is very lucky, but the absolute luckiest number in Thailand is 9. That number is 3 X 3, and the Thai word for 9 is gao, which sounds very similar to Kow-nah, which means progress or moving forward, and khao, which is the name for rice, and is the word used for a meal (as in gin khao, meaning come to eat a meal).  The number 9 is a very serious number, and can provide you with great luck.

At Thai Buddhist ceremonies, such as weddings, 9 monks are invited.  When a new business or hotel or shop is opened, often monks are invited to bless the proceedings and ensure prosperity and good luck.  When my wife and I consulted with the monk at our temple of when to open our new restaurant in Chiang Mai, he gave us the date of 17 February (month 2 plus 17 equals 19) at exactly 9:09 am in the morning. On the forehead of Buddha statues there is the number 9 written in the Thai language.

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