Is Thailand a Good Place to get Cosmetic Surgery?

Medical Tourism to Thailand is getting a lot of attention, and elective cosmetic surgery in Bangkok is attracting large numbers of American clients.  Is this a good solution for you?

Not many years ago, cosmetic surgery was quite a luxury reserved for celebrities.  It has become more widely available and accepted in the US over the last few years, as more people realize that a little cosmetic surgery can positively affect their career, how you feel about yourself, and generally give an uplifting, better lifestyle.  Unfortunately, in the US, rarely is cosmetic surgery covered by medical insurance, so it could mean a pretty big outlay of cash.

In the US, cosmetic surgery is very expensive, and much of that is a reflection of legal liabilities that come with a highly litigious country.  Everybody sues everyone for everything in America.  The result is that it is a big expense for Americans to have elective surgery.  There are alternatives in other countries, however, and more Westerners are taking that route every day.  You can have cosmetic surgery done in Mexico, in small South American countries, in Africa, the Middle East and in Asia, all at a fraction of the cost of the work in the US.  There are plenty of cosmetic surgery companies willing to ship you off to the most exotic corners of the world (just Google it), but since it is probably the only body you have, my recommendation is that you choose wisely and carefully about where you go to get this work done.

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