Are the Average Thai women the most Beautiful in the World?

photo by Dean Barrett

I am married to a wonderful Thai wife, and am not looking for another woman to ever replace her.  She is my life, but as a guy, I cannot help to notice that in my humble opinion there seems to be more healthy beautiful women walking around Thailand than you will find in any other country especially in the United States.  This is not a put down on beautiful women around the world, because every country and culture has incredibly beautiful women.  I am talking about the average woman in the Bangkok shopping mall, or the average woman in a typical office setting, or the average Thai woman riding the Bangkok metro.  Just watching a crowd in Thailand walk down the street is a treat for a guy, like you are strolling in a beautiful garden.

One thing guys do when they have to wait around somewhere and are bored to death is “rate the women” within his eye sight.  On a 1-10 scale, an 8 thru a 10 (super hot) is very good.  From my personal experience in an average American crowd, I would be lucky to find one woman in ten in the US that scored to this high level (but probably double that in an upscale shopping mall), and this is based on about 40 years of scoring.  Doing the same thing almost anywhere in a Thai crowd results in about 50% or more scoring in that higher level (OK, we all know this is totally subjective).  And most of them have a real sweet smile on their face which makes it all for a pretty good. day.

I won’t debate the positives and negatives of having a relationship for a Western guy and a Thai woman.  There are stacks of books and many websites devoted to help answer this question.    For me, it has worked well and my wife and I have the best relationship a married couple could possibly have.  What I am interested in with this report is simply the superficial beauty that makes Thailand a nice place for an old guy to walk around.  And I know us old guys are not always fit and trim (me included for sure), but our good looks (or lack thereof) does not seem to have much effect on anything.  So, yes, there is a bit of a double standard in this report — I definitely ain’t no Tom Cruise.

Thai women have a natural beauty.  While Thais are obsessed with making their skin whiter, American guys love the natural smooth bronze skin color of many Thai girls.  Most are petite or at least very slim, with the typical Thai woman weighing in at less than 120 lbs., and maybe closer to 105. (OK, there have been some changes over the last couple decades as American food has invaded Thailand.  You can find a plump girl here and there now thanks to the new junk foods).   Most Thai girls have an hour glass figure.

Thai women are about 5’2”, and have been trained in childhood to maintain perfect posture.  When they walk across the room, all the guys notice (even if we try to disguise it).  They have long silky black hair that many Thai ladies like to tint with brown to give them a more “Western look” (actually, I wish they would just keep their hair all back and silky — it is perfect).  They have evolved to become very appealing and exotic to the American guy.

Notwithstanding their natural beauty, it would never occur to a Thai woman to undertake the simplest of excursions away from the house without first ensuring their outward appearance was as good as they could make it.  Women wear stylish short dresses and high heels to go down to the 7-11.  Their hair and make-up is perfect, ready at any time for an on-the-street interview with a TV reporter searching for the next superstar.  And if you just happen to have your eyes meet, she flashes a perfect, beautiful smile.  That happens to the average expat here maybe around a dozen times a day, and it adds a lot of vigor to the spirit.

Just another average amazingly sweet and beautiful Thai girl I took a picture of while writing this report

To add to their amazing good looks, Thai girls also exude a tremendous level of sweetness.   It is Thai culture and tradition for women to take good care of a man’s needs in every way possible.  In return, they expect to get respect from their man, And for all men everywhere to show respect towards them.  It is a pretty easy trade for us to make.

Compare all that with the typical American venue.  Women are proud to wear an old T-shirt and ill-fitting jeans with running shoes.  No need to brush their hair for non-important trips, after all, they are not here to impress you (or anybody).  And respect?  If you don’t give them more respect than you give yourself, you are beaten down and chastised.  And American women find it cute to make derogatory jokes about their husbands or men in general.  We put up with that way of life so long because we didn’t realize it was different elsewhere.  I now know better.

So Thank You, Thailand, for giving me great views everyday.\

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7 thoughts on “Are the Average Thai women the most Beautiful in the World?

  1. +1
    I come from a place that many consider paradise but it does not hold a candle to
    Thailand when it comes to sheer number of beautiful women.

    Like you I am happily married & faithful. But I am male & cannot help but notice
    Thailand has the most eye candy.

    I like your description
    “like you are strolling in a beautiful garden.”

  2. There is a lack of respect in general in the US, not just between husbands and wives, but also between children and their elders and even between strangers. Also, not dressing or trying to look your best shows a lack of respect for yourself and even a low self esteem.

    I have also noticed that in the US many men don’t like their women to dress up. In a few relationships that I have had, I was asked numerous times why I put make up on to go to the grocery store. I can’t tell you how many time I have had to say that I dress up because it makes me feel good about myself, not because I am trying to make other people (especially other men) happy. Isn’t that strange? I think many men feel this way because they also have very low self esteem, so low that they feel threatened when their girlfriend or wife tries to look her best, attractive and beautiful.

  3. According to the internet and many men who travel….Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Ukraine …many eastern European countries are rated as having the most beautiful women on Earth, even on average. Yes, those women are also slim with long legs and womanly figures, true hourglass figures. With diamond colored eyes, hair that comes in a rainbow of colors and styles, skin that is either naturally creamy, smooth ivory or bronze. But let’s not generalize what American or Western like in terms of skin color and hair color….they all have different tastes.

    Either way, I think bias plays a huge role when judging these things since you yourself have a Thai wife, live in a country where you are comfortable, etc.

    US has many states, with many different looking diverse women. Thailand is much smaller with women looking more similar to each other. So you can’t really base judgement, it makes no sense. US is huge…with many parts to it. There is no one place to judge the women of America.

    And American women are more known for their beauty around the world than Thailand and many are now looking after themselves.

    And remember, beauty is in the eye of beholder. To you, that girl in the picture might be stunning but to another person….she is very average looking or even below average.

    • …beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” So true. This article was totally just my own opinion from my own eyes, and there will always be a difference of opinion from others for sure. I love Thailand and Thai people so much, so naturally that flows into my thinking on this subject, and it is as bias as bias can be. By having a great appreciation for Thai women does not lower my appreciation for attractive women from other parts of the world. It is a good thing that men of all ages do enjoy being around healthy, attractive women regardless of their nationality. Thank you God for pretty women to make our stressful days a little more enjoyable.
      And I appreciate your input on this. Thanks.

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